The Brief

Hong Kong electronics company Gear4 asked us to develop the customer experience and design a new global eCommerce store to showcase their wide range of home entertainment speakers and mobile phone cases.

Our Approach

Working closely with their existing eCommerce partner, we arrived at the final UI by comprehensively testing responsive prototypes that enabled us to refine a series pre-defined user journeys right through to sale.

State of the art products demand a state of the art website, and the final design complements the products and appeals to the characteristics of Gear4's target audience.

The storefront and product detail pages are structured so users can explore key features and technical information to make a fully informed purchase decision.


The clean, modular layout ensures that new product ranges and promotions can be easily added to the UI without the need for radical design updates, and most importantly, conversion rates improved by 12% and site visits increased by over 17% within six months of launch.

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