Cloud Gateway

The Brief

To help the team at Cloud Gateway launch their new brand and customer-facing web portal.

Our Approach

Cloud Gateway is a Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Platform (PaaS) which securely and rapidly connects existing technologies and software with multiple Cloud Service Providers, the PSN and the Internet.

State of the art technology required a state of the art platform, so the customer experience revolves around a fully customizable interface that enables users to monitor and raise issues within their own network.

To make this experience as intuitive as possible, we used a carefully designed, graphical interface that ensures underlying data is straightforward to consume and filter.


Integrations with services including Elastic Search, Service Now and Libre LMS deliver a seamless flow of information and underpin the core user experience for this state of the art service.

We continue to support the launch offline, delivering interactive events stands that incorporate interactive tools and gamification.

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