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STEM research career roadmap

In April 2021, the Royal Society published a report looking at trends in the proportion of Black and ethnic minority students and staff in STEM.

Key stakeholders wanted to develop an interactive roadmap to address a need for more transparency around pathways into and through various research careers.

The primary objective of this resource was to make academic careers within STEM less impenetrable and more transparent.

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/ Our Approach

We wanted the user journey to be as fluid as possible. Users needed to navigate seamlessly to and from different job roles relevant to their chosen career path without opening new tabs or reloading content.

To ensure the experience is as smooth as possible, the UI uses a large canvas containing all job roles within the STEM ecosystem. Each job role is revealed within a central lens, with the detailed profile launched on click.

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    The interface is enhanced with illustrations and is effective across all touchpoints, balancing the right level of information so users can easily explore multiple roles and discover opportunities they may have yet to be aware of.

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    We successfully deployed the new brand across the new website and campaign materials, increasing awareness, engagement and, more importantly, subscriptions.

    The online experience is more intuitive, and the underlying data, charts and visualisations are now more accessible and beautifully presented, leading to positive feedback from new and existing customers.