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We’ve been working closely with TotalJobs to bring their latest Social Mobility research study to life. Partnering with The Social Mobility Foundation, the research delves deep into the challenges and hurdles faced by people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds when applying for jobs in the UK.

The campaign’s primary goal was to help raise awareness and provide practical, data-driven advice to employers and recruiters.

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  • Storytelling
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/ Our Approach

Telling a story with data is about balancing the narrative with data visualisations underpinning each statement, making it easier to understand by emphasising important data and statistics.

We designed a responsive UI, ensuring the experience was intuitive and compelling across all touchpoints. More detailed information and case studies are revealed throughout the story using modal windows to ensure a smooth and cohesive user experience.

The final design solutions employ an illustrative approach that compliments an intentionally simplistic visualisation style enhanced using subtle animations.

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    The fluid, scrolly-telling experience guides users through a series of visually-driven narratives that surface key findings using data visualisation underpinned by case studies focussing on practical, real-world situations.

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    "Big thanks to the Soak team for bringing our social mobility research to life in such an impactful way."

    Jennifer Hoddinett - Content and Communications Manager