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The Misk Art Foundation wanted to create a vibrant online ecosystem that showcased the growth of a thriving, creative community that made the arts more accessible to everyone.

The new platform needed to empower emerging artists through an interconnected ecosystem of support, expertise and education. It needed to be a place of possibilities, somewhere artists could explore and feel inspired.

  • UX & design
  • Not for profit
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/ Our Approach

Working closely with the Misk team, we developed the user experience based on broader market research and a series of personas which translated into user flows, mapping out key journeys and essential interaction points for each user type.

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    The final design interface leveraged the Misks' new brand and used textures, patterns, and typography to create visual interest and distinct segmentation across each component and page template.

    Our work concluded with a comprehensive design system and graphical toolkit that ensured Misks' development partner could carry out the build and integration as easy as possible.

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    The new platform quickly gained traction, attracting both new and existing artists and generating greater interest globally.

    Bookings to online and physical workshops and events increased, and the new platform helps deliver a wide range of foundational resources for this generation and the next.