/ 18.12.19

Why hiring an intern can have enormous benefits

A well-run internship scheme can be extremely beneficial to a business. However, it is not something to be taken lightly and should never be viewed as 'free labour' or as a replacement for a salaried position.

Essentially, having an intern means providing mentorship and training for a student. It requires time and dedication from your internal teams, and the opportunity/role needs to be mutually beneficial.

Internships are a great way to nurture talent, validate potential and ensure that the individual has the confidence and skills to be successful in their future career.

Hiring an intern can have enormous benefits:

  • Discovering new talent in its infancy
  • Reducing workflow interruption when the workload is high
  • Building more straightforward, short term tasks into a structured learning programme can alleviate longtime project pressures
  • Enables senior employees to practise their management and leadership skills
  • Bringing in younger, fresher sets of eyes encourages new perspectives on the business
  • Young professionals also bring with them a savvy Gen Y set of skills which may allow you to branch out in your technology application, e.g. producing podcasts, social media content etc.

At SOAK we run a small but very structured internship programme and this year we are pleased to welcome Mya Pask-Zulkiflee into our agency.

Over the next six months, Mya will be working closely with our Creative and Marketing teams and is already fully immersed in her work and enjoying the broader agency culture.

A first-year student at City College Norwich, Mya is currently studying Level 3 Creative Media, which is a mixture of filming techniques and camera work.


"I chose this course as I've always had an interest in Media and the creativity behind it, making it an enjoyable and motivating time to study. Throughout my two years at college, I'll be participating in projects such as advert making, music video production, documentaries and much more, after starting the course in September of 2019.

I've been given an amazing opportunity to take part in an internship at SOAK Digital. Since being here, my skills and knowledge are improving, and my confidence has been boosted. I hope to carry on learning software skills that may help with college work, and to widen my understanding of the working world in the media industry for future jobs or opportunities that I may get"

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