Inspired by Darta

Last week saw the culmination of our dARTa (Data inspired Art) exhibition, a successful outcome to our 3 month long extended team building exercise.

Taking the challenge of being creative with the theme of data, totally unfettered from the usual constraints faced in our daily work, produced some really interesting ideas and proved that we were able to think differently.

As there were no real constraints as to what the ’Art’ could be as long it was inspired by ’Data’, so we had everything from sculpture, dot drawings, apps and crowd sourced photography as well interactive displays.

It was fantastic to see how the teams and some individuals bloomed with the creative challenge, exhibited passion, ingenuity and determination, resulting in some truly excellent work. A real credit to everyone involved.

The process not only allowed team members that wouldn’t usually work together to interact, it also nurtured a closer collaborative way of working with collective responsibility, something we’re encouraging and introducing into our project processes. Hopefully it’s helping to evolve an ever closer and creative culture within the agency where everyone gets an even greater sense of achievement from our output.