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Be less busy

Be less busy, receive fewer emails, be more productive, enjoy a simpler, more pleasant and more productive work life. So many software tools claim to promise this but do they always work?

At SOAK, we use several software tools to aid our internal processes and help to deliver projects on time, so we thought we would give you the low-down on two of our favourites...


Wrike, the core of our operation, is an online project management tool which enables our production manager to schedule creative and development resources on a project-by-project basis. Wrike adopts a Gantt style timeline to visualise project schedules, conflicts and key milestones all in one view.

Why we like it? Personally, as a Project Manager, I find Wrike to be a great tool which allows me to review project statuses, upload supporting documentation and communicate directly with the project team. Time reporting is crucial at SOAK and Wrike allows you to log time per project task which will generate automated reports for easy forecasting and agile billing, whilst also assessing project efficiencies per department and team member.

Slack, whose slogan is ’be less busy’, is team communication in the 21st century. In a nut shell, it’s an instant messaging platform which allows you to create channels and send direct messages. Slack also allows you to drag, drop, and share your files. It also supports Google Drive which we use for our internal file storage system so we can efficiently share documents.

At SOAK we use Slack as our main communication platform. A channel is set up for every project which allows the project team to communicate instantly to resolve any queries, share updates and discuss the project. We also use multiple different channels to communicate internal processes, general housekeeping updates, and to compile Friday fish and chip orders! One of the main perks of Slack is it enables conversations to take place internally without clogging email accounts. With busy workloads, it’s a great way for us to chat and ask questions without feeling like we are disturbing each other.

Having used multiple project management tools and communication platforms previously, I have found that both Wrike and Slack combined do as they claim, increase communications and efficiencies throughout the team here at SOAK.

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