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The Brief

The Global Youth Index evaluates the challenges and opportunities for youth development across 25 countries.

Our challenge was to create a rich, interactive experience, making the research, survey data and reports as immersive and informative as possible to a global audience.

Our Approach

A series of responsive prototypes enabled us to test and refine the main UI and give extra emphasis and clarity to each data-driven content component.

Each highly stylised visualisation encourages interaction, acting as natural a gateway so users can explore the underlying data in greater depth.


The data tool has helped MISK gain a greater understanding of the key drivers behind youth development and how to scale up future activity.

Youth, Governmental, Social Leaders and the Private Sector use the Global Youth Index to:

  • Benchmark country results across critical areas of youth development.
  • Design suitable solutions and policies for the challenges facing young people.
  • Heighten awareness on how supporting youth benefits all of society.
  • Inspire young people to design their future.

The Global Youth Index is an excellent example of how data can help make the world a much better place!

What makes Soak unique is their ability to truly understand my wants as a client and aligning their creative direction towards it intuitively

— Othman Almoamar
Research Manager

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