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Global Youth Index

Using dynamic data visualisation to educate and inspire the next generation.

The Global Youth Index evaluates the challenges and opportunities for youth development across 25 countries, aiming to inspire cohesive strategies that unlock young people's true potential.

Our challenge was to create a rich, interactive experience which made the research, survey data and reports as immersive and informative as possible.

The vibrant, graphical interface is designed to give emphasis and clarity to each content area. Key findings, country rankings and comparisons encourage interaction and act as gateways for users to explore the underlying data in greater depth.

The data tool has helped MISK gain a greater understanding of the key drivers behind youth development and how to scale up future activity.

Youth, Governmental, Social Leaders and the Private Sector use the Global Youth Index to:

  • Benchmark country results across critical areas of youth development.
  • Design suitable solutions and policies for the challenges facing young people
  • Heighten awareness on how supporting youth benefits all of society
  • Inspire young people to design their future

The Global Youth Index is an excellent example of how data can be made accessible to help make the world a much better place!