/ 18.05.21

Visualising the impacts of climate change

Swiss Re recently appointed Soak to be their global data visualisation design partner, and we are immensely proud to be working with them on a new initiative that increases awareness of the economic impacts of climate change.

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  • Data tools & explorers

The Climate Economics Index stress-tests how climate change will impact 48 countries representing 90% of the world economy by comparing their climate resilience across a range of key variables.

Using a carefully selected blend of design, data, and the latest web technologies, the interactive visualisation allows users to explore country-specific data, statistics and stories using a single fluid interface.


Soak are delighted to support Swiss Re. Our goal is to create innovative, data-driven tools and visualisations that provide clarity and insight, enabling us to make more informed decisions about our lives, our businesses and, in this case, the future of our planet.