/ 08.01.23

The moving power of animation

Engaging and informing: How animated data visualisations revolutionise the presentation of critical research

The sharing of knowledge and insights is a hugely important currency these days with organisations using it to build authority, raise awareness, inform and influence to bring about change. Audiences for such research are often time poor, with many competing priorities, which drives the need to quickly captivate and engage your audience by distilling complex findings into easily digestible formats.

  • Data-driven animation

Animated data visualisations (data vids) possess a transformative ability to unlock deeper comprehension and understanding.

With their power to visually excite and showcase temporal trends, highlight hidden patterns and deliver narrative succinctly with minimised user efforts, animation provides not only an enhanced lens through which viewers can grasp intricate research by also a means to grab attention. By animating data, we can effectively guide audiences, leading them on a captivating journey of discovery, and shedding light on the most salient insights.


The impact and dissemination potential of animated data visualisations are profound. With the world of proliferated digital channels and social media platforms serving as fertile ground for the exchange of ideas, these animated creations are infinitely compatible and shareable, helping to ignite conversations and spark interest across a diverse spectrum of individuals. Policymakers, journalists, and the general public can all be reached through the visual allure and storytelling nature of animated data visualisations, ensuring that the research resonates far beyond academic circles and into the public domain.

In conclusion, animated data visualisations represent a cornerstone in research communication. SOAK’s creative data visualisation and animation skills are able to unlock complex findings that help our clients inspire their audiences.