Squid Activity

As part of our drive to promote good culture, internal communications and well-being within the staff we have something at Soak that we call 'Squid Teams'.

The purpose of these teams is to bring members of Soak together who wouldn’t normally work on projects collaboratively; to enhance our communications and inter-office relations. Each team has the choice to pick 2 of 3 opportunities:

  • Volunteering/good cause day.
  • A knowledge based learning trip.
  • Development of an idea for a game or useful app that Soak can build.

Recently ‘The Team With No Name’ organised a day out to Holkham to volunteer on the estate.

Marie documented their day:

We had such a great day at the Holkham Nature Reserve - we didn’t really know what to expect and the sheer scale of the reserve literally blew us away, as did the weather that day! The wildlife wardens, Paul and Andy were so incredibly passionate and their knowledge knew no bounds. It was amazing how they could identify a bird purely from its distant silhouette in the sky, to all the thriving wildlife and their habitats.

In the morning our main hands on job was planting willow trees to help protect the new Spoonbill nesting colony. This was then followed by a tour of the reserve and the wardens explained the biodiversity and landscapes together with their future hopes and plans for the Reserve. There wasn’t a question they couldn’t answer! We will definitely go back in a few years and hopefully see the fruits of our labour.

Big thanks to Soak for allowing us to do this activity - not only was it incredibly informative and great fun but it was a pleasure spending time and getting to know Dave, Ian and James better - such great guys!