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Improving employee communications

With more and more people working remotely, an effective internal communications strategy is essential. I think it is fair to say that most companies and organisations have well-defined external communications strategies, but their employee communications can often lack the same level of detail.

Now more than ever, by putting a strong focus on internal communications, you can build employee engagement, advocacy and align workplace culture.

In fact, the latest results from the Global Employee Engagement Index show that high levels of employee engagement directly relate to a 26% increase in performance, 28% improved alignment and a 60% reduction in employee turnover.

In its very basic form, good communication is about timing & adaptability and as the social and professional landscape evolves, so should your communication strategy. Neglecting things will prove costly, leading to poor morale, lower productivity and higher absenteeism.


Harnessing The Power of Your Employees

Your employees should be your biggest advocates and most passionate brand ambassadors. With everyone connected and working towards a common goal, firms have a much better chance to deliver growth and improve productivity.

Sceptical? Well, 73% of employees who say they work at a "purpose-driven" company are engaged, compared to just 23% of those who don't. Also, a recent global survey of 26,000 LinkedIn members, taken by the research firm Imperative, found that 73% of its participants want a career in which they feel that their job matters.

Effective communications shouldn't be limited to merely showing employees their targets or goals; they should articulate the actions that every person can take to improve their contribution on multiple levels. Understanding and reaching a specific set of collective goals will help foster the feeling of teamwork and progress.

Some simple ways to develop an employee experience

Look at the Key Metrics

Analyse your current data to show if and how people are using your internal platforms. For example, are employees utilising the existing intranet? And if they are, how are they using it? What data points matter to you? Setting some objectives allows for ongoing analysis and refinement.

Improve the mobilisation of your communications

In a world where news travels faster than ever, company news, good or bad, should never come from an external source. Your communications need to be expedient, on-point and most importantly, accessible to your entire workforce.

Streamlining Social Tools

Messaging apps are becoming a more natural way to bring potentially disconnected teams together towards a shared goal - Ideal for workforces with remote/contract-based workers and freelancers.

Make Your Data Work Harder

Use the data you collect to refine your strategy and to inform, educate and incentivise your workforce.

Social Sharing

Are your employees engaged and sharing your content? If the answer is no, develop a strategy that encourages employees to become advocates, to help raise awareness, increase reach and improve engagement.

Internal Communications Solutions

We work with global brands to help them improve their internal communications by delivering fully integrated experiences that increase awareness, productivity, capability and engagement.

  • Internal Communication Campaigns
  • Campaign Identity & Strategy
  • Intranet Design & Development
  • Data-Driven Performance Dashboards
  • eLearning Solutions
  • Information Videos
  • Corporate presentations
  • Interactive Event Assets

If you'd like to see our creds or already have a project in mind, we'd love to hear from you.

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