/ 27.02.20

How data visualisation could improve your business

We are living in an age where data has become the world's most valuable commodity. It underpins our societies largest businesses, influences elections and affects our lives in ways that are difficult to comprehend.

In a nutshell, data visualisation is simply a graphical representation of information, using visual elements/indicators to provide a highly accessible way for people to consume and compare information.

Humans are actually genetically programmed to process information visually; so, when executed well, data visualisation can be an extremely effective communication tool. It provides clarity and insight, leading to better decisions and more strategic business initiatives.


Some simple ways data visualisation can help your business:

  • Simplicity Data visualisation enables users to interact with the relevant information, allowing them to see the bigger picture and intricate details at the same time.

  • Empowerment It allows decision-makers to identify patterns and trends that would have been impossible in its raw format.

  • Provides Context Context engenders trust, which leads to action.

  • Improved Response Data visualisation puts the data into the users' hands, allowing them to identify issues and improve response times quickly.

  • Team Collaboration Improved accessibility to information means more stakeholders will be able to contribute to the decision making process.

  • Storytelling Data can deliver and underpin compelling narratives; it's a fresh new form of storytelling.

  • Versatility Visualisations can accommodate almost any kind of data; two dimensional, multi-dimensional, volumetric, spatial, hierarchical and temporal.

  • Inspirational It can open an audience's eyes to information that would otherwise be hidden.

We help some of the world's leading brands to improve their data strategies; providing consultancy, design and delivery of a wide range of award-winning data services, tools and visualisations.