/ 06.05.20

Does your data deliver?

The volume of data is growing exponentially, and there are numerous advantages for businesses that have a clear and coherent data strategy.

Data Visualisation is becoming an increasingly important component in the broader strategic toolkit.

The volume of data is growing exponentially, and there are numerous advantages for businesses that have a clear and coherent data strategy.


Working with Big Data can be challenging, and the first and most crucial task for any business that is looking to expand its data capability is to have a clean and consolidated data set. Sounds obvious right? However, a recent Experian report reveals that just 44% of decision-makers trust their data and that C suite executives are even more sceptical, believing that 33% of their data is inaccurate.

When your data is clean and accurate, the next step is to plan exactly how it can derive useful insights that improve business performance. Stakeholders need a clear picture, so patterns, dependencies and insights that emerge from any analysis must be easily understood by everyone regardless of their specialism or job-role.

Good data visualisation can have a profound impact on a business and its customers.

The easiest way to rationalise the importance of data visualisation is to look at it as a means of making raw data more accessible. Even in its most basic form (Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, etc.), data visualisation helps people comprehend vast amounts of information quickly and efficiently.

We can also make the visualisations more sophisticated and interactive by tapping into our brains natural pattern and recognition capabilities, allowing us to identify trends, make quick comparisons and spot inconsistencies in the data itself.

Tools of the trade

In the world of data, the software is evolving almost as quickly as the data itself. A new generation of companies such as Virtualitics as well as established heavyweights like IBM are developing immersive experiences that enable smooth transitions between desktop and AR/VR environments.

These new, 3D visualisations enable us to collaborate and observe data points from multiple dimensions, revealing previously hidden relationships and smaller, nuanced pockets of information.

It doesn’t pay to be complacent

Now more than ever, businesses and organisations are using their data to gain a competitive edge, improve relationships, educate an audience or tell a story.

At Soak, we work with and extend a wide range of data platforms as well as designing our own, highly bespoke solutions. Working across many different sectors, we've produced award-winning solutions for clients including; The Economist, The London School of Economics, KPMG, The Adecco Group and Pearson.

If you are interested in making the most out of your data, you can take a look at what we do.