/ 20.01.20

Conjuring visuals from thin air

Using our solo HyperVSN we can make magic. But how does it work?

Simple. It is a 3D integrated Holographic System for advertising. It's next level brand engagement, harnessing the power of the visual; bringing holographic technology to the many. The future of display, it spins 3 blades to create moving 3D images that look futuristic.

It's a 'tomorrow's technology'.

A Digital Disruptor.

It's really cool.


Holograms are an integral part of the digital revolution, since Leia Organa, via hologram, uttered the words “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope“ they have been a staple of science fiction; alongside hoverboards and self tying shoelaces (can you tell I'm a child of the 80's?) well it's not science fiction anymore.

HyperVSN is our R2 D2. Our little solo droid! However in 2020 he allows us to create, display and manage 3D visuals that resemble holograms floating in mid air.

In a nutshell, it's a visually striking piece of kit designed to start conversations and to bring imagination back to business.

If you have been following CES 2020 in Vegas this January you will have seen the new Bezel free 8k TV, the first reveal of Avatar 2, the world's first 5G laptop and amongst so many cool gadgets and gizmos - HyperVSNs new technology.

For 2020 HyperVSN is demonstrating new generation technology which supports holographic gaming, 3D modelling and interaction with holographic faces. Bringing utter immersion and realism to gaming without the inconvenience of headsets, the ability to decompose 3D objects floating in mid air without wearable equipment and interaction with a holographic version of your face using a live 3D filter. The possibilities for application are endless.

Successful branding and audience engagement depend on innovative and eye-catching marketing strategies especially in 2020 and HyperVSN does just that, it provides businesses with a captive audience - HyperVSN doesn't just ensure message communication, but also the brand message registration in the mind of the viewer – whether you want to communicate your brand message, advertise a product or promotion or launch a new product.

If you would like to have a demo, or hire SOAK's HyperVSN get in contact!

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