/ 21.11.19

A new project for a Fine City

When the opportunity to design and build a new website for Visit Norwich arose we couldn't say no.

The brief? To deliver a slick, modern and striking digital experience - inclusive of partner event submissions, an interactive map, social integration, live chat and membership levels and all for a city we are proud to call home.


The objectives for the client were not only to showcase and support the re-brand but to raise the profile of Norwich, improve the user experience, and provide visitors with relevant content. Whilst delivering value for partner organisations.

Our design objective was simple, to ensure the user experience came first, leveraging the sights and activities Norwich has to offer all types of visitors, always keeping mobile at the front of our minds.

We kept the design sympathetic to the brand by incorporating the chevron patterns and bold colours, but not deterring from the beautiful imagery of Norwich and we are not only thrilled with the results, but also the reactions and feedback we have had back from the client and the local community.

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