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Research highways interactive map

Queen Mary’s U is a leading, research-intensive university. Their Research Highways programme brings this ethos to life perfectly. Combining expertise across disciplines, designed to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, grasp new opportunities and transform lives across the globe.

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    The programme looks to raise awareness by:

    • Focusing on the big questions that affect us all: the sustainability of the planet, our digital future, people’s health and wellbeing, communication, creativity and culture
    • Delivering real-world impact: Through investment in the research and industrial ecosystem on and around our campuses, our global outlook and a passion for partnership
    • Harnessing the power of collaboration, partnership and our uniquely diverse and inclusive community with students and staff from more than 170 countries around the world

    To support the research, we’ve designed and developed a data tool that allows users to explore the global impact of Queen Mary’s research.

    The tool uses a map-based UI, allowing users to navigate several highway-specific case studies and the impact locations using a single, fluid interface.

    Additional case studies can be added/managed using the underlying CMS, and the tool has been seamlessly integrated into the Queen Mary website.