The Brief

GoStudent, the #1 rated global tutoring school, conducted a survey spanning seven countries that gained deep insight into education trends from both parent and student perspectives.

Our brief was to work with the static survey data, indices data, and a written report to create an engaging, intuitive, informative, and easy-to-understand interactive experience delivered in an ambitious timescale.

Our Approach

Go Student's drive to become the world's leading education experts and considerable effort to conduct the European education survey meant that the interactive digital tool needed to deliver an experience that was premium, comprehensive and engaging to represent the quality and significance of the research.

The interactive tool was seamlessly integrated into GoStudent's existing website infrastructure and needed to consider several crucial requirements from a UX and technology perspective, including the approach for multiple languages.

The tool carries a considerable volume of data that powers all the indices, country profiles, survey results and analysis. A wide variety of data views meant developing a data structure that ensured optimal speed and accessibility for the end-user. An innovative client-side rendering mechanism was used to achieve a fast and efficient experience.


The tool has already received a fantastic amount of exposure across Europe and was featured across many popular news sites, including AD, El Economista, Die Welt online, Krone, Il Sole 24 Ore. The initiative was also mentioned by many news agencies and made it to radio in Germany and TV in Austria.

Our client quoted, "Needless to say; the whole company loved the interactive website with all its filters and comparison options!"

At Soak, we strive to produce powerful data-driven tools and visualisations that enable our clients to showcase their research and build authority in their field. When the data we bring to life represents something so important (like education), it makes us enormously proud to build tools that help the world make sense of it.

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