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SAS Benchmarking Tool

“Soak have been a first-class digital partner to collaborate with on these projects”.
James Watson - Co-Founder Co-Founder, Longitude Research

project details

We have been working closely with Longitude Research, supporting them in the design and delivery of a number of research / data driven digital solutions.

One recent example was an interactive benchmark tool for business intelligence and software specialists SAS. To cater for a traditionally time poor audience we produced a series of prototypes that used bold colour, typography and iconography to add emphasis and clarity to each section. We also tested a variety of input methods, to make data collection as simple as possible across all device types. These also helped maintain interest and improve conversion.

The final UI allows users to quickly assess resourcing levels, relative priorities, leadership engagement and investment. In just five minutes users can compare their responses with over 100 senior risk and finance executives within both European and North American banks.

Soak Digital - Longitude Research - SAS benchmark tool on desktop
Soak Digital - Longitude Research - SAS Benchmark tool - web design
Soak Digital - Longitude Research - SAS benchmark tool - custom icons
Soak Digital - Longitude Research - SAS benchmark tool on tablet