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Delivering a wide range of information and resources to asylum seekers in over 15 different languages

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Asylum Help, part of the Migrant Help organisation, is a UK charity that provides individuals with the resources and support they need to find safety, access appropriate services and develop greater independence.

They came to us with a challenge to produce a solution that could deliver a wide range of information and resources to asylum seekers, in over 15 different languages.

It was important that the site offered a consistent user experience in every language variation, across all device types, so content needed to be easily managed and distributed on a CMS that:  

  • Allowed content to be authored and managed as efficiently as possible
  • Ensured each language variation could be managed independently but still benefit from global updates to the CMS
  • Delivered audio content across all devices / languages by seamlessly integrating with SoundClound’s API
  • Provided a graceful fallback solution for some character sets not yet supported by iOS / Android

Delivered to a very short timescale the new fully responsive website provides an invaluable resource to some of the world’s most vulnerable people, allowing them to easily access life changing information in their native languages.

Soak Digital - Asylum Help Multilanguage Website - Desktop
Soak Digital - Asylum Help - multilanguage website - Tablet and Mobile
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