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The Sainsbury Laboratory

Based on Norwich Research Park, the Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) is a world-leading research institute working on the science of plant-microbe interactions.

We wanted to surface important research to a worldwide scientific community
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‘‘ Content management made easy. Delivering years of scientific research & publications to a global audience ’’

TSL asked us to develop a new, responsive website which could showcase the cutting edge nature of their scientific research and the individual contributions of their community of scientists and researchers.

The functional requirements were relatively simple, so we chose WordPress as the underlying CMS. Its flexibility and simple admin interface ensured that all content could be easily authored, managed and published by all key personnel.

The final design treatment uses a simple modular layout, vibrant block colours and abstract photography to provide emphasis to the various content areas.

This ensures users can easily navigate to relevant content and locate publications and research specific to their area of interest, a particular individual or scientific group.

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