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Multinational publisher Pearson are the world’s leading education company and proud owner of the Financial Times and Penguin groups.

Custom infographics really helped bring the data to life
A fully responsive design ensured data was accessible across all devices
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‘‘ Soak delivered The Learning Curve against a challenging time frame. The team’s ability to analyse and present complex data in intuitive data visualisations really stood out ’’

Tom Glover

Communications Director, Pearson

We were approached to develop a data driven microsite (The Learning Curve) to showcase and raise awareness of extensive research into the performance of national education systems around the world.

Working with so many complex data points is a challenge, so we produced a series of prototypes that helped define exactly how each individual data set should be presented across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.

The final execution enhanced the data even further with the introduction of infographics, iconography and the dynamic filtering of all key data points.

From launch the Learning Curve captured the attention of the world’s press who made significant reference to the site’s index and global league tables, helping deliver worldwide exposure and over 170,000 unique visitors in the first three months.

Website visualisation on desktop
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