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Education Everywhere is a powerful content managed platform that distributes a wide range of multimedia content and resources for different user types at the touch of button.

Iconography and colour coding ensure continuity across different brand resources
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We’ve been working with Macmillan for a few years on a wide variety of different projects, so we’d thought we’d share our latest creation.

Education Everywhere is a platform that enables teachers and students to access the latest course materials from one central resource.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And for the end user it is. You just log-in and the system automatically delivers you the content that you’ve subscribed to!

To deliver this seamless user experience we developed a bespoke content management system that cleverly distributes files to the right place as they are uploaded (in bulk). This ensures Macmillan can add, manage and distribute content at the touch of a button.

Everything is accessible and the use of iconography and clear labelling means that individual resources are easy to locate and there is continuity across the different courses/programmes.

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