40k – Fate of Konor


Games Workshop

Games workshop asked us to develop an interactive campaign that allowed customers who play the Warhammer 40k board game to directly dictate the fate of 6 new planets in a virtual solar system.

The 3D interface changed in realtime based on game results across the world
We created a detailed 3D model of each planet
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‘‘ Soak are a pleasure to work with. Responsive, inventive and agile, they’ve never failed to deliver great solutions ’’

Andy Smillie

Head of Consumer Content & Communications

Warhammer 40k is a hugely popular table top game with a worldwide audience. To create a digital campaign that complimented traditional table top gameplay and accurately recorded and rendered results was obviously a challenge.

Our solution was to create a highly interactive 3D interface in Web GL that was promoted on the new Warhammer 40k website.

The activity and ownership of each planet was dynamic and changed based on the results entered into a custom-built CMS that was made available to Games Workshops global store network.

The results speak for themselves, with over 140,000 games recorded over a 6-week period in 157 different countries, leading to a dramatic increase in footfall to the stores and a strong uplift in global sales.

tablet website visualisation
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