Dotting the iii's

Soak has recently been working with the eminently trusted Insurance Information Institute ( to design and develop a dynamic Economics dashboard.

Triple-I’s Insurance Economics Dashboard provides data-driven insight into the performance of the insurance industry, looking at historical trends and the key economic drivers for current and upcoming years.

Soak worked with senior Triple-I stakeholders and economists to visualise and bring to life the data in a compelling and engaging way.

The design, technical and maintenance considerations for the project were several fold.

From a design perspective there was very little direction provided beyond needing to establish a data visualisation style that complimented the Triple-I branding and brand assets. We needed to identify appropriate styles to display the sets of time series data into a meaningful layout, enabling comparison within relevant data groups.

It was also important to identify and highlight key metrics as well as allowing users to interact with charts toggling additional data points on and off.

From a technical perspective we had to develop the dashboard as a standalone portable JS based application so it could be provided as a code bundle and embedded into Triple-I’s existing infrastructure with minimal effort.

The tool has been developed in such a way that the data can be updated relatively easily and quickly via a new JSON file.

The solution, whilst relatively simple, achieves a very solid evolution in the way Triple-I presents data to its audience of Insurance Industry, business leaders and public officials.

“Soak responded fantastically to our brief and exceeded expectations by delivering a beautifully crafted dashboard that is the first step on a transformative approach to the way Triple-I communicates with its audience.”

Dr. Michel Leonard, VP and Senior Economist