Games Workshop

Fate of Konor Campaign

Increasing footfall to a global store network by seamlessly blending tabletop gameplay with digital technology.

Fate of Konor allowed enthusiasts who play the Warhammer 40k tabletop game to directly influence the future of six new planets within a virtual solar system.

Harnessing the passion of 40k enthusiasts was central to our campaign strategy. We wanted them to dictate the narrative and change the shape of the solar system based on the results of the games they were playing.

Participants were encouraged to visit their local store to submit results via a custom Dashboard / CMS that was made available to Games Workshops global store network.

The campaign quickly gained traction across the Games Workshop community. Throughout the 6-week campaign, over 170,000 results were submitted across151 different countries, resulting in higher volumes of foot-fall to the stores and increased sales.