Soak Mugs

Soak Mugs

Tea? Coffee? Everyone loves to hear those magic words when you’re struggling at your desk… Yet, how many times have you thought twice about offering because you didn’t want the daunting task of remembering everyone’s order? Especially with a growing team, or being the new girl like me!

Since we are all about user experience at Soak (and fuelled by tea and coffee), we decided to make this process a lot easier by designing personalised mugs. Each mug has the employees name, job role, and their two favourite drink options. As well as being colour coded to each department. Although, not everyone took it as seriously as others with some of the second options being mojitos & red wine!

As well as our own, we designed special VIP mugs for visiting clients, which feels a lot more professional than handing out mismatched mugs. And not to forget the generic mugs for new starters so they don’t feel left out!

No more pieces of paper with written orders on, or having to shout downstairs to check everyone’s orders!

Soak mugs img-mug-2